Home Again


After a brief hiatus, Truck 316 is back in it’s parking spot at Dacula UMC.  As you can see it’s undergone quite a transformation!  Here you can see our slogan, mantra, and most importantly the scripture reference (John 3:16) that we hope to take out onto GA-316, to  Athens, Atlanta or wherever God calls us!  Over the next couple months we still have a lot of work to do, as prayerfully consider and listen to where we are called to go…

We have lots of excitement and anticipation, as we have had over 50 folks from our congregation participate in food safety training to be prepared to serve on the truck.  It’s hard to imagine that this dream was first discussed in December of 2016 and 9 short months later we have been blessed with a truck that is ready to serve in multiple ways (pun intended)!

We ask for your continued prayers as we move forward with planning events and places we can take Truck 316.  We also welcome your sponsorship on any level!  Our hope is to be able to have a crew that is fully trained in emergency response thru the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church, so that we can serve in disaster zones, such as Hurricane Irma.

We hope you are reading this blog for the first time because you saw Truck 316 on the road, and looked us up on the website and then followed us on Facebook @ Truck 316!

Come check us at Dacula UMC at 9:30 or 11 on Sundays…  we’d love to have you worship the Living Lord with us and see dreams that only God can be behind.

Just remember, God doesn’t call us to be perfect, as we go out into the world, He just calls us to try.

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