The Summer Saga

There hasn’t been much to post over the last three months, until now. Our truck was shipped to our builder in Macclenny, Florida. M&R Trailers has worked to create a masterpiece out of what was a laundry truck from Chicago. Eddie from M&R was great to work with and sent us pictures of the progress over the summer.

Just last week, we made the trip down to Macclenny to pick up the truck, which has been dubbed the “Ugly Duckling” for now. The outside is white, freckled with bondo and primer, awaiting another transformation.

Though the outside doesn’t scream “gourmet” food just yet, the inside is magnificent. A couple of experts who have been around other food trucks have commented on the quality of work that has been done and the capability we will have with the truck.

Today, we have a team doing more body work at the church. In a couple of weeks, we will have it wrapped and the Ugly Duckling will become something more beautiful. It’ll be time to get our mechanic to give the truck a good once-over and hopefully, get the A/C in the cab blowing cold air again.

Would you like to get in on this? We’re going to have several volunteer opportunities getting the truck ready for service. We’ve got more training in the works for food safety as well as a driving test for anyone that wants to take the helm. Then there’s financial support. With all the major expenses out of the way, we still need some support for our finishing and stocking of the truck. You can give by going to and contributing to Truck316. Financial contributions will give you the opportunity to have your name or your company’s logo added to the back of the truck as a sponsor of this ministry.  Truck 316_Partner Form_07.11.17

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