Doors Only God Can Open

Just this past Sunday, we read from the pulpit the story of Abram, who left his home and his family to pursue God’s promise for his life. It was one huge first step, followed by many more really tough “next steps.” No matter what, Abram remembered and believed God’s desire to make Abram’s name great and to make his descendants as numerous as the stars. This drove his relentless obedience. Of course, God did make his name great and he is known as the first patriarch of the Bible. God is good. What did you expect?

When it comes to Truck 316, I see where God has implanted a vision of a vital ministry in his people. The members of Dacula UMC have latched on to the dream and many others beyond our congregation have jumped on board as well.

I also see where everything that has taken place thus far, with some sweat equity from a few leaders, has only been possible with the aid of the Holy Spirit. Quickly enough to excite me and make me fearful, God has brought people and resources together, much faster and more perfect than any of us could have.

We have a truck, which the builder will begin work on next week. We have dozens of very willing team members. Experts and practitioners in this field have emerged to willingly offer advice, opinions and connections. Funds are coming together (still work to be done). Partnerships are beginning to take form. Obstacles have been cleared away. I can only understand this progress as the work of the Holy Spirit through people that are relentlessly obedient to God.

“…I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
your old men will dream dreams,
your young men will see visions.”
(Joel 2:28, NIV)

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