And so it begins…

In December 2016, Jim Meeker tossed out an idea to the incoming 2017 church leadership: “What if we had a food truck we could use for ministry?”

Everyone latched on to the idea and it turned into a conversation we actually had to cut off so we could cover other things. Since then, we have continued to dream our dreams and see visions of what could be (Joel 2:28) and we have welcomed in new partners in this endeavor.

Now our plans have accelerated faster than we could have imagined and we are now the proud owners of a 2007 Freightliner MT45. Soon, it will be delivered from the seller near Daytona Beach to the builder just on the other side of Jacksonville. We expect to be headed to Florida to pick up our custom built food truck later this summer.


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  1. […] We have a truck, which the builder will begin work on next week. We have dozens of very willing team members. Experts and practitioners in this field have emerged to willingly offer advice, opinions and connections. Funds are coming together (still work to be done). Partnerships are beginning to take form. Obstacles have been cleared away. I can only understand this progress as the work of the Holy Spirit through people that are relentlessly obedient to God. […]


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